The building products industry and the household and commercial appliance industries make an extensive use of rigid foams, mostly rigid polyurethane, also known as PUR, and rigid polyisocyanurate, also known as PIR. These foams are difficult to recycle and most of the time uneconomical. Foam waste is generated at the beginning of the life of the product and then again at the end of its life.

Our equipment offers the ideal technology to stabilize PUR and PIR dust and at the same time to densify these materials in order to reduce the impact on the environment and the cost of disposal.

Our technology has been successfully applied to the industry manufacturing insulation panels and insulated elements for the building industry, structural insulated panels (SIP), and to the industry recovering household and commercial refrigeration appliances or refrigerated storage equipment. In particular mechanical densification by means of dynamic impact, combines pressure and temperature to achieve results not offered by other methods.

Other non-biomass materials include polycarbonate and other plastic swarf, artificial and synthetic fabrics, phenolic resins, engineered wood, high-tech composites, recycled electronics, can be stabilized and densified for disposal, recycling, or reuse. Let us have a sample of your material and we will gladly test it in our densification equipment.

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