DI PIÙ offers a complete line of heavy duty hydraulic presses for the briquetting of metal swarf and sludge from machining operations. Two separate lines of machines are offered, the METALBRIK and the SLUDGEBRIK.

METALBRIK presses are designed to make pucks from metal chips originating from machining operations using cutting tools. All metals can be densified into pucks, from the very soft to the very hard. Large and long chips may need to be prepared and refined, and we offer a complete line of refiners, special grinders for entangled turnings, separators of large solid pieces of metal, transport conveyors, pneumatic conveyors. All of our presses include the recovery of cutting fluids as an option.

SLUDGEBRIK presses are a new breakthrough in briquetting metal sludge from grinding operations, including HS steel and carbides from sharpening tools. This proprietary and unique technology of DI PIÙ is opening new avenues in the recovery and recycling of expensive cutting fluids and in the recovery of high value metals.

Briquetting metals at the point where the metal waste is generated has many advantages. Between the most important are:

  • Increased value of your scrap metal
  • Recovery and immediate reuse of expensive grinding fluids
  • Stabilization of the scrap, for easier handling and transport
  • Lower cost of logistics
  • Protection of the environment
  • Cast iron, aluminum, copper, steel, alloy steel, HS steel, brass, zinc, bronze, titanium, are some of the metals we successfully densified.
Metal Briquette
Copper Shavings